My Puppy Won’t Poop Outside

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My Puppy Won’t Poop Outside

Are you having trouble with your puppy not pooping outside? We have some answers in this article that will help you out. Oftentimes, puppies still can’t control their systems and organs so they need help from their owner to regularize their schedules.

Eliminating is an important aspect and part of pet-keeping. If you suspect that your puppy hasn’t pooped in a long while, they might have some underlying health issues, which need to be addressed and consulted with your local vet.

Keep in mind: puppies that are 3 months old or above are already capable of doing their outdoor business. Younger puppies are advised to poop and pee indoors.

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Why won’t my puppy poop outside?

We’ve had this frustration many times as pet owners. Don’t worry – we’re here to help you out! Here are the common reasons why your puppy simply won’t poop outside:

1. The weather is bad

Although this is a common-sense reason, it is still a valid excuse as to why your puppy won’t poop outside. They might not like it when the weather is too cold or too hot. Puppies with thick coats won’t feel comfortable in hot summers and vice-versa for those puppies with thin coats.

2. You’ve previously trained them for indoor potty

Have you been training your puppy indoors for potty pads? If so, this could make them get used to indoor potty instead of wanting to go outdoors. This is a difficult situation as puppies can get a little stubborn when you have trained them to do something and then change the routine.

Your puppy could even feel sad or not follow you at all when you change their routine. However, you can try to do it slowly so that they’ll have two options: indoor and outdoor potty. There’s nothing wrong with using potty pads indoors, especially since not everyone has the time and resources to take their puppy outside to do their business.

3. You haven’t thoroughly cleaned their accident spots

Enzymatic cleaners should be used to clean puppy and dog accidents around the house, otherwise, you’re only luring them to do their business there once again.

Because puppies are good at smelling items, they are also extra sensitive to the smell of pee and poop. They will instinctively know where they last peed (or where another dog or puppy peed) and will pick that spot for their potty.

4. They might associate outside pooping with playtime

When you bring your puppy indoors, they could feel sad that it’s no longer time to play. This could happen if you’re associating peeping or pooping outside with playtime. Never make an association between these two and act serious once they start doing their business.

With that said, don’t forget to reward them every time their finish doing their business, but don’t act like you’re excited. This will help the puppy to not associate eliminating or peeing with outdoor playtime. If you can, separate the schedules for outdoor playtime with outdoor potty time.

5. Your puppy is sensitive to the grassy texture

While not all puppies act this way, some may find it uncomfortable to pee or poop in the grass as compared to their potty pads indoors. This might take a couple of training sessions for your puppy to get used to.

6. They get easily distracted by outside factors

Is your neighborhood filled with a lot of other dogs and noisy neighbors? Do you live in an area where construction sites and other background noise are imminent? Those are possible factors as to why your puppy simply won’t poop outside because they are easily detracted by those.

Both humans and pets are the same when it comes to “going number 2” as we need to focus all our energy and not get distracted by outside factors. This is another good reason why human comfort rooms are enclosed and isolated.

For your pet to safely and conveniently poop or pee, they need to be in an environment that’s not very distracting. Some folks advise taking them out during the “dead” hours, such as the early afternoon. If you intend to walk your puppy at dawn or when it’s still dark, always take extra caution.

How to get my puppy to poop outside

Now that we’ve discussed the problems, it’s time for the solutions. What can you do to get your puppy to poop outside? Here are some ways:

1. Establish a routine or schedule

When your puppy eats regularly, they also poop regularly. Keep track of their eating schedules so that you’ll know when they need to pee or poop. Usually, they will need to go after 30 minutes of eating lunch/dinner/snack.

Keep in mind that if you’ve given your puppy a lot of treats lately, this may also trigger them to eliminate. They may also need to go when they’ve slept for hours. Once you’ve gotten the hang of your puppy’s feeding schedule, it’s easier to let them go outside to do their business as you know there’s a big chance that they will do just that.

2. Watch for signs and behavioral cues

We all wished that our pets could speak our language, but they can’t. Instead, we have to learn to read their non-verbal cues, such as circling, squatting, tapping or scratching the door, and the like. These are sure-fire signs that your pup needs to poop or pee outside.

3. Take them outside on a leash

This method requires proper execution and timing. To do this, take your puppy out on a leash and associate a word with going potty to train them. Wait for them to poop or pee and then you can take out the leash once they’ve finished.

Remember to not take your puppy indoors by this point. Instead, let them outside for a little longer to check their surroundings or even socialize. Don’t take them home right away because they might negatively associate pooping with ending playtime.

4. Clean accident spots properly

If your puppy previously soiled any of your carpets or flooring, use an enzymatic cleaner to completely remove the smell of a dog’s poop or pee. As puppies have very sensitive noses, make sure to thoroughly clean accident spots so they’re not tempted to do their business indoors.

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