Spencer Quinn Books and Series in Order

An Echo Falls Mystery Series

Down the Rabbit Hole2005Check on Amazon
Behind the Curtain2006Check on Amazon
Into the Dark2008Check on Amazon


The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series

Dog On It2009Check on Amazon
Thereby Hangs a Tail2010Check on Amazon
To Fetch a Thief2010Check on Amazon
The Dog Who Knew Too Much2011Check on Amazon
A Fistful of Collars2012Check on Amazon
The Sound and the Furry2013Check on Amazon
Paw and Order2014Check on Amazon
Scents and Sensibility2015Check on Amazon
Heart of Barkness2019Check on Amazon
Of Mutts and Men2020Check on Amazon


The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series

A Cat Was Involved2012Check on Amazon
The Iggy Chronicles, Volume One2013Check on Amazon
Tail of Vengeance2014Check on Amazon
Santa 3652015Check on Amazon


A Collection of Excerpts from the Chet and Bernie Mystery Series

The Spencer Quinn Reader’s Companion2012Check on Amazon


The Outlaws of Sherwood Street Series

Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street2012Check on Amazon
Giving to the Poor2013Check on Amazon
Stealing from the Rich2013Check on Amazon


Bowser and Birdie Novel

Woof2015Check on Amazon
Arf2016Check on Amazon
Bow Wow2017Check on Amazon


A Queenie and Arthur Novel

Ruff vs. Fluff2019Check on Amazon
Paws vs. Claws2019Check on Amazon


Standalone Books By Spence Quinn

The Fury of Rachel Monette1980Check on Amazon
Tongues of Fire1982Check on Amazon
Red Message1986Check on Amazon
Hard Rain1988Check on Amazon
Pressure Drop1989Check on Amazon
Revolution #91992Check on Amazon
Lights Out1994Check on Amazon
The Fan1995Check on Amazon
A Perfect Crime1998Check on Amazon
Crying Wolf2000Check on Amazon
Last of the Dixie Heroes2001Check on Amazon
The Tutor2002Check on Amazon
Their Wildest Dreams2003Check on Amazon
Oblivion2005Check on Amazon
End of Story2006Check on Amazon
Nerve Damage2007Check on Amazon
Delusion2008Check on Amazon
Reality Check2009Check on Amazon
Bullet Point2010Check on Amazon
The Anfield Man2016Check on Amazon
The Right Side2017Check on Amazon



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