Best Dog Food for Bernese Mountain Dog

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Best Food for Bernese MountainThe Bernese Mountain Dog is best known for having 3 colors for their coats, usually black, white, and brown, similar to that of a calico cat. These dogs are often herding dogs and that’s why they tend to have a more active lifestyle. As they are a large breed, they also need a good amount of food that’s not only tummy-filling but also nutritious and will not get your pet sick.

This dog breed, which can live from 7 to 10 years on the average, are usually plagued with health problems regarding their bones and joints. For instance, they are prone to hip dysplasia, elbow problems, and even retinal atrophy. This is because of their usual active lifestyle, in which they will need more glucosamine and chondroitin as part of their diet.

In addition to that, a Bernese Mountain Dog is also usually prone to bloating, which can make choosing the right food difficult sometimes.

This is where you may be looking for the best dog food for Bernese Mountain Dog. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered in this article, as we list down some fast facts about how to find one, as well as some suggestions.

Part of what makes your dog’s health in tip-top shape is their food choice. If you have a Bernese Mountain Dog, make sure that you are giving quality pet food so that they won’t likely to bloat or have gastric problems.


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Bernese Mountain Food Reviews

Here are our top picks for the best dog food for Bernese Mountain Dog:


Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Bernese Mountain Dog

We chose this dog food for your Bernese Mountain Dog because of its formulation that’s just right for large breeds. It is a mix of chicken and brown rice, so it can be gentle on your dog’s stomach (brown rice is a complex carbohydrate) while the chicken is a good source of protein. It also contains glucosamine and chondroitin so that dog food can support joint health.

Additionally, it has Life Source Bits, which your dog may find crunchy and nutritious as well due to the vitamins and antioxidants. Since it contains whole grains, it can be less likely to cause bloating to your Bernese Mountain Dog. It even has calcium for your dog’s bone strength while their muscles are strengthened by the L-carnitine included.

You can order the bag in 30 lbs. or 15 lbs. as you need it. This dog food also has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, coming from natural fish oil, which can be beneficial for your Bernese Mountain Dog’s shiny coat.

Key Features

  • Has glucosamine and chondroitin for joint and hip health
  • Contains brown rice as a complex carbohydrate
  • Chicken is the first ingredient
  • Helps maintain a shiny coat due to the omega-3 and omega-6
  • Available in 2 bag sizes


Taste of the Wild Real Meat Recipe Sierra Mountain

Yet another cult favorite for an organic dog food that’s rich in protein, this one has roasted lamb as the first ingredient, so it can be for your Bernese Mountain Dog if they are not very good with handling chicken. It has a ton of protein sources for building and/or maintaining your dog’s muscles, especially for sporting dogs.

It also has antioxidants from the fruits and veggies included, which can help with your dog’s shiny coat and skin health. It also has zero corn, fillers, wheat, artificial flavorings, preservatives, and unnecessary grains that could cause bloating and digestive problems. In fact, it has highly-digestible ingredients, such as probiotics, to help maintain your Bernese Mountain Dog’s tummy health.

Since Taste of the Wild is family-owned, you can have peace of mind with its formulation as being a home-made recipe for your dog, much like a home-cooked meal for them. Since it is for all life stages, the Bernese Mountain Dog food can be used from puppyhood up to their senior days.

Key Features

  • Gentle towards dogs with digestive problems
  • Includes probiotics for tummy health
  • Ideal for all dog life stages
  • Made in the USA by a family-owned company
  • Roasted lamb is the first ingredient


Purina Pro Plan Large Bernese Mountain Dog Adult Dry Dog Food

For the budget-savvy dog owners, you can also depend on the Purina brand for a mix of lamb and rice for your Bernese Mountain Dog. It has bite-sized kibble for its food texture so it can be ideal for a Bernese Mountain Dog that is having too much difficulty with large pieces of foods when it comes down to chewing or digesting.

Aside from that, it also has omega-6 fatty acids, which can be beneficial for their coat health and skin. It is available in various sizes, from 6, 18, up to 37 lbs. and it has vitamin A and linoleic acid as well for additional nutrients for your dog.

Purina’s dog food can also be ideal for the Bernese Mountain Dog because of the glucosamine content from its ingredients. Its glucosamine comes from fish meal, which is derived naturally. It also has other nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin C, zinc, and the like. The nutrients can be ideal for dogs with daily activities or even seniors.

Key Features

  • Has omega-6 fatty acid for healthier skin and coat
  • Easy to digest for dogs that don’t like large kibble
  • Has glucosamine for dogs with hip problems
  • Has calcium and other nutrients
  • Comes in various packaging sizes


CARNA4 Easy-chew Fish Formula Sprouted Seeds Dog Food

This dog food for the Bernese Mountain Dog is made with fish, so it can be rich in omega fatty acids, which can help with your dog’s skin, as well as for their joints. It has ground organic sprouted barley seed as well for its veggie content so your dog can have a balanced diet.

The fish included in this dog food are wild-caught herring and perch. Aside from that, it also has eggs so it can also be a good source of nutrients for their daily diet. Other veggies included are flaxseed, potato starch, and sprouted peas, as well as sprouted lentils. It also has apples and carrots to have a healthy mix for your Bernese Mountain Dog’s everyday meal while it doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives or fillers.

It can be ideal for dogs of all ages due to its nutrients. Since it has a small kibble size, dogs with problems chewing large kibble can also eat this one just fine.

Key Features

  • Rich in omega fatty acids for skin and coat health
  • Made with proteins from wild-caught fish
  • Has veggies and fruits
  • The kibble is not that big in size
  • Made for all life stages


Eukanuba Fit Body Weight Control Large Breed Dry Dog Food

If you have a Bernese Mountain Dog with weight management issues, you can try this one, as it has 27% less fat. It is made for a large breed such as the Bernese Mountain Dog and it has just the right blend of carbohydrates for their daily needs. It also has glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate that is ideal for the Bernese Mountain Dog and their need for healthier joints and hips.

The DHA and antioxidants can be helpful for your dog’s well-being and development, especially for younger dogs. It contains l-carnitine for weight management and chicken is the first ingredient for the protein source.

Aside from that, the dog food has B-vitamins which can help with your dog’s energy for their everyday activities. It also has omega fatty acids, proteins, and other minerals to maintain your dog’s health. This dog food can be usually recommended by your vet if your dog is on a weight management program.

Key Features

  • Ideal for a Bernese Mountain Dog that is trying to lose pounds
  • Chicken is the first ingredient
  • Contains B-vitamins for energy
  • Has omega fatty acids for skin and coat health
  • Has glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for joint and hip health


Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets

This dry dog food contains sweet potato and fish, so it can be an alternative to grains and chicken. It contains 26 lbs. per pack but you can also order different sizes. What we like about this is that it has no artificial flavors or colors so it can be a healthy choice for your dog.

Since it has limited ingredients, it can be ideal for a Bernese Mountain Dog that has sensitivity issues with their food. It also has protein which can be good for sporting dogs such as the Bernese Mountain Dog. Also, it can be a source of carbohydrates, which can also power up your pup or dog during their activities or playtime.

The fish contains amino acids, which can help with their muscle health. The sweet potatoes, on the other hand, helps with digestion due to the fiber content. There are no grains, fillers, or any other artificial flavorings for this dog food. It can be okay for most large breeds such as the Bernese Mountain Dog due to the just-right size of the kibble.

Key Features

  • Has limited ingredients for dogs with sensitive tummies
  • Chicken is the first ingredient
  • Contains sweet potato as a carbohydrate source
  • No grains or fillers
  • No artificial flavorings


Things to Consider

Before buying the best Bernese Mountain Dog food, you may want to consider reading the following first:


What to look for in a Bernese Mountain Dog food

Since a Bernese Mountain Dog has some health concerns, it helps to look for the following in their dog food:


  1. Glucosamine and chondroitin. This can be helpful for your dog since they are more prone to joint and hip problems compared to other breeds. They are also a large breed so they may need a lot of these nutrients to keep up with their activities.


  1. Digestive system-friendly food. The Bernese Mountain Dog is an active dog yet it can suffer from bloating and digestive problems. Choose a dog food that is easy to eat up, to digest, and won’t cause such problems in the future.


  1. Omega fatty acids. These can help with your Bernese Mountain Dog’s skin and coat health, especially since this dog breed has a 3-color coat that needs to be maintained properly.


  1. Good amounts of protein. The protein can usually come from the first ingredient, such as chicken or lamb, as well as fish. Protein is necessary for your Bernese Mountain Dog’s daily activities, such as playing or even working on the field, if needed.


  1. Other helpful nutrients. You can also look for a dog food that has calcium, antioxidants, and other vitamins. Try dog foods that also have veggies, such as carrots and peas, to help balance their daily diet.


How often should you feed your Bernese Mountain Dog?

A Bernese Mountain Dog can be fed depending on their age, which is illustrated through the following chart:

Dog’s age Frequency of feeding
3 to 6 months old 3 times a day
6 to 12 months old 1-2 times a day
Seniors Once a day with minimal proteins and carbohydrates


Ingredients to avoid

Generally, you would want to avoid the following with Bernese Mountain Dog food:

  • Artificial flavorings
  • Extra filler grains
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial colors
  • By-products with unknown sources

By ensuring that chicken/fish/lamb/any meat is the first ingredient, you are essentially making sure that your dog gets the right amount of nutrients and not questionable meat.


It helps to keep your dog’s food healthy despite a slightly pricier tag if your pet will have the right nutrients for them. By looking for the right Bernese Mountain Dog food, it can give them better health overall, since after all, this dog Bernese Mountain Dog is often working so hard after a day’s activity or playtime.

Do remember that when it comes to choosing dog food in general, it pays to check the label to avoid having your dog consume ingredients that their stomach might not like. We hope that these picks helped you out in deciding!


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