Best Dog Brushes For Short Hair: Top Choices Of Each Type

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Short Hair dogWhile short-haired dogs don’t suffer from tangles or get matted as much as dogs with long hair, it’s still recommended to brush them regularly. It not only removes debris and dust stuck on their fur but also makes the coat look shiny and beautiful.

Generally, you won’t need a big, heavy-duty brush like long-haired dogs. But from questions we have received from our readers, this doesn’t seem to make choosing a brush any easier.

Don’t worry; you can always count on us! From slicker or bristle brushes to deshedding tools, you can always find the best dog brush for short hair from recommendations below.

How To Buy The Right Brush For Your Short-Haired Dog

Not all dog brushes are the same, even if you might think so from their looks. Dogs can feel uncomfortable too, so you must take a look at the brush you’re going to use on them. This makes sure you can give your pets without hurting them.

In the case of short-haired dogs, the best thing you can do is to opt for models that have the following features:

Don’t buy rake brushes

If your dog has short hair, tangles are usually not a concern when brushing. That’s why your dog won’t benefit much from a slicker or a rake brush.

A bristle brush

While some slicker models can still get the job done, you must pick the brush that is specifically designed for short-haired dogs. Rake brushes are a “no” in any case, but when the grooming is done, you may use a pin brush to polish and make the coat gleam.

Instead, to get the best results, you need to spread the oils evenly on the skin of your dog so the hair can lie flat, making the coat look shiny and smooth. Bristle brushes are the best tools for this task.

They can save you from a lot of troubles when shedding while taking care of the hair and skin of your dog.

An ergonomic and comfortable handle

While grooming a small dog usually doesn’t take up much time, large breeds require more time for this task. As a result, your hands can get tired and aching, especially when you have more than one dog. That’s why a brush with a comfortable handle is a must unless you want to hurt yourself.

When buying a pin brush, choose the one that has rounded tips

Sometimes pin-styles brushes are useful for your short-haired dog, but to protect the skin of your little pet, make sure that they have rounded tips.

Boar-bristle brushes are more suitable than synthetic models

While dogs with dense hair can benefit from synthetic bristles, which is stiff and typically made from nylon, a boar bristle is a better choice for short-haired breeds. This is because it is much gentler on the skin of your dog.

Other tools may also work

Besides the traditional brushes, brush-and-comb combos and grooming gloves can also handle the hair of a short-haired dog pretty well.

For example, you can put on a glove and slide it across the skin to detangle it soothingly. This is one of the last options when your dog doesn’t like brushing. On the other hand, a brush-and-comb model is handy and convenient, especially in travel.


Best Dog Brushes For Short Hair

Hertzko Self Cleaning – Best Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Self Cleaning is one of the most well-known grooming brushes among pet owners. It excels at almost everything, from removing loose hair, mats, to getting rid of tangles, for any kind of coat, including short-haired dogs.

This Hertzko slicker brush comes with thin pins on a flat head, which go through the coat to remove tangles and mats. But as you can expect, it’s not as great as a de-shedding tool for cutting loose hair.

The design of the Hertzko Self Cleaning shows that it’s just a normal slicker brush.

With a wide head, you can do the grooming in larger areas with less time. There is also an anti-slip handle that works well for all coats and breeds.

The retraction button is also an interesting feature.

When you press it, the bristles will retract back into the head so you can clean caught hair without having t unwind it. Anyone who has dealt with loose hair in a slicker brush will be thrilled with this saving-time feature from Hertzko.

Thanks to the thin wire pins, this Hertzko brush is really worth the cost when it can remove tangles and loose hair effortlessly. These pins go deeper than just the top layer but don’t scratch the skin of your dog.

But this wide head is also an issue if you have small puppies or breeds. In such cases, we recommend other models with thinner heads like the Li’l Pals.


  • Easy to hold
  • Retractable pins
  • Remove loose hair and tangles effectively


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for small dogs


LA Beauty Labs Brush – Best Bristle Brush

This bristle brush from LA Beauty Labs is already perfect for general grooming, and as we have mentioned before, it will also be great for short-haired dogs. You can remove debris effectively without harming the skin and coat of your dogs like metal or nylon alternative.

This brush consists of reinforced boar bristles. They are tough enough to last for a long time but not too stiff as you might think. In fact, they are soft enough for pet grooming while still providing enough strength for short-haired dogs.

The spacing between bristles is relatively small, making them great hounds, chihuahuas, and retrievers.

Apart from these amazing bristles, this LA Beauty Labs brush is a simple model and doesn’t have any advanced features. The construction is durable and can last for a long time.

The biggest downside of this brush is its price tag, which can put off a lot of customers with a tight budget. And these bristles also don’t seem to be able to handle big dogs with wiry and thick hair either. But as we’re discussing only dogs with short hair, this should not be a problem.


  • Simple and long-lasting construction
  • Durable and soft boar bristles


  • Expensive
  • No advanced features


FURminator Undercoat – Best Deshedding Tool for Loose Hair

The de-shedding tool from Furminator is one of the best-selling products in Amazon for good reasons.

While it’s more expensive than other products, it’s an amazing tool to remove loose hair from your dog. On top of that, it’s available in both two styles (short and long hair) and several sizes (small, medium, and large dogs). You can always find a product for your dog that you can trust in its quality.

A de-shedding tool is an obvious solution when you are tired of constant frustration with the hair of your dog. With these brushes, you can get rid of the loose hair from both the undercoat and guard layer before it drops on the floor.

This Furminator deshedding tool reaches the undercoat by gently passing through the top layer. Thanks to this mechanism, it can remove more hair than a typical bristle brush.

You’ll be surprised by how much hair this tool can remove. With a few minutes of de-shedding each day, you can tremendously decrease the amount of hair in your house. But remember not to overdo and hurt your dog.

But with this design, the Furminator deshedding tool is not good at removing mats. You may still need another brush to get rid of the mats first.


  • Great for removing dead and loose hair
  • Glide gently across the topcoat without making your dog uncomfortable
  • Including an ejector button to dispose of hair


  • Expensive
  • Ineffective for untangling mats


Li’l Pals Dog Slicker Brush – Budget Slicker Brush

This Li’l Pals slicker brush is an awesome alternative to the Hertzko model above, especially when you’re in search of a cheap brush for small dogs and puppies. Despite its size, this brush removes loose hair and tangles effectively in a gentle way.

Unlike the Hertzko brush, this Li’l Pals model has a smaller head so you can maneuver it easier without making your little pet feel uncomfortable.

The best part about this inexpensive slicker brush is the flexible pins. With plastic tips, they won’t scratch the skin of your dog. This is a feature that not every manufacturer includes in their products.

Like other slicker models, this brush works well with most coats and breeds. While your short-haired dogs won’t suffer from tangles and mats as much as dogs with longer hair, it’s still great to know, especially when you can remove loose hair and comb the undercoat with a single product.

But we must admit that this Li’l Pals slicker brush is not the best choice you can have for large dogs. And the handle is too small for long grooming sessions. On top of that, while the plastic tips can protect the skin of your dog, don’t press them too hard, or you may cause discomfort for your little friend.


  • Cheap
  • Work great with small dogs and puppies
  • Flexible pins with plastic tips for more comfort


  • Not suitable for a large dog
  • Holding the handle for too long may cause discomfort


Safari Bristle Brush – Best Brush for Small Dogs

If you don’t want to spend much on a bristle brush like the model from LA Beauty Labs, consider this brush, which is the small version of a popular lineup from Safari.

This bristle brush has a simple and straightforward design, just like the LA Beauty Labs model. But in this cheaper product, the bristle isn’t as durable and tough. But for short-haired dogs, this doesn’t matter much.

While it doesn’t offer any advanced features or boar bristles, the Safari brush does have a comfortable handle, which is sturdy enough for light grooming.

Considering its price, this bristle brush is a great choice if you want an inexpensive tool to groom your small, short-haired dog.


  • Cheap
  • Comfortable handle
  • Work well for small dogs


  • Not durable like more expensive models
  • No advanced features



As you can see, the best dog brushes for short hair dogs don’t always have the same type.

For top-of-the-line products, you can have a look at the Hertzko Self Cleaning slicker brush, the LA Beauty Labs bristle brush, or the FURminator Undercoat deshedding tool. They are all great grooming products that are designed with short hair in mind, making it more beautiful while removing any debris and loose hair.

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